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For Immediate Release
Contact: Margaret Dragon


Harris Successfully Completes

Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) Examination

The Compliance Certification Board (CCB) announced that Adraine Harris has successfully completed the Certified in Healthcare Compliance Examination, thus earning the "CHC" designation.

The CHC Examination, available locally five days a week, was released June 26, 2000. Since that date, over 2500 individuals have earned this professional credential.

Healthcare compliance is a relatively new industry, born out of the government's crackdown on Medicare fraud. Compliance professionals come from a variety of backgrounds including coding, medical records, nursing, medical practice, law and government. Regardless of background, compliance professionals are tasked with assuring that health care providers follow federal, state and local regulations that govern the delivery of healthcare.

CCB President Debbie Troklus, noted, "The United States government constantly updates the laws and regulations surrounding Medicare to ensure proper billing and to eliminate fraud. These new regulations demand professionals who both understand the new regulations and how to implement programs to ensure compliance within their companies."

Founded by the Health Care Compliance Association in 1998, the Compliance Certification Board exists to develop criteria for the determination of competence in the practice of healthcare compliance at a variety of levels and to recognize individuals meeting these criteria.

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